We Are Being Censored

In 2015, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joined Eric Gladen as a leader of the World Mercury Project. Mr. Kennedy was instrumental in expanding the group’s mission, and, in 2018, the group was renamed Children’s Health Defense. Since then, Mr. Kennedy has worked tirelessly to collaborate with renowned medical doctors, scientists and other health experts from across the world. His research and findings are regularly published in critically acclaimed books and on the Children’s Health Defense website and other social media platforms. Unfortunately, in recent years, he has been subjected to deliberate censorship and malicious character assassination.

In an alarming, concerted effort to discredit him and his exposés, Big Tech repeatedly censors Mr. Kennedy’s work and deplatforms his online publications on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Under the guise of “fact-checking”, Google, Wikipedia and other tech companies falsely accuse Mr. Kennedy and Children’s Health Defense of spreading misinformation about vaccines and other urgent health matters. Wikipedia refuses to correct their inaccurate entries despite our numerous attempts to provide them with the truth.

In conjunction with Big Tech, large media organizations, such as CNN, erroneously discredit Mr. Kennedy’s work and label him an “anti-vaxxer” in an attempt to vilify him and bury his findings. This, despite the fact that he is not against all vaccines and chose to vaccinate his own children against many diseases.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., along with Children’s Health Defense, calls for rigorous scientific research in all matters of health policy and urges the transparent release of any findings that impact the health of our children and our planet.

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Censorship and propaganda now dominate mainstream and social media. Sadly, public discourse has been replaced with mere repetition of state-endorsed “truth” and warnings about “misinformation”, leaving little room for thoughtful discussion or scientific debate. However, we can each do our part to educate, empower and inspire others as we fight to hold onto our precious civil liberties.

You can help preserve informed choice by bringing awareness to your community and sounding the alarm about mandate risks. With these stickers, you can share the truth and reactivate critical thinking. Wallpaper your community in areas of high pedestrian traffic and join the fight against propaganda today.

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