July 12, 2021

Vaccine Mandate Resources

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As the people of the world face unprecedented challenges to medical freedom, Children’s Health Defense – Illinois is committed to protecting the medical choices and health of Illinois citizens. This resource list can help Illinois residents resist mask and vaccine mandates, refuse experimental products, and access essential information from other credible, like-minded groups.

IMPORTANT!! Despite the FDA approval of the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine, the only COVID-19 vaccines currently available on the market are those offered through EUA (Emergency Use Authorization.)  Read more

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Religious Exemptions to Mandates

School Mandates

Employer Mandates

Medical Freedom Advocacy

Other Resources

Religious Exemptions to Mandates

Does the Health Care Right of Conscience Act (HCRCA) still protect your right to refuse COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing in Illinois? YES!

HCRCA is a current law that protects Illinoisans who wish to object to health care services that conflict with their conscience.

In October 2021, Governor JB Pritzker attempted to undermine the right for Illinois citizens to object to COVID-19 mandates by passing SB 1169, an amendment to HCRCA.  The amendment states that medical procedures which intend to prevent contraction or transmission of COVID-19 are not protected under HCRCA.  SB 1169 also states: This Section is a declaration of existing law and shall not be construed as a new enactment.

For one, the inclusion of language specific to COVID-19 in the amendment is contrary to the true meaning of HCRCA, which specifically covers any medical procedures. Also, SB 1169 is an unconstitutional attempt of the legislature to take on the role of the judiciary by interpreting what the intent of HCRCA is.  SB 1169 was meant to confuse the people of Illinois and coerce them into complying with mandates against their will. Only the courts have the power to interpret statutes, and Illinois courts have given every indication that they believe the intent of the HCRCA was to protect all people in Illinois from receiving health care in violation of their conscience.

The Health Care Right of Conscience Act still protects your right to refuse COVID-19 related health care based on your conscience.  For more information, please see HCRCA

Illinois Certificate of Religious Exemption to Required Immunizations

Illinois law requires a parent or legal guardian objecting to immunizations on religious grounds to submit an exemption form prior to the child entering kindergarten, sixth grade, and ninth grade. Open Form   More Information

Religious Exemption Template for College Students

Customize this template to reflect your sincerely held beliefs and then submit to your school to request an exemption from a mandated vaccine or other health protocol. Open Template

Religious Exemption Template for Employees

Customize this template to reflect your sincerely held beliefs and then submit to your employer to request an exemption from a mandated vaccine or other health protocol. Open Template

Guide to Writing Religious Exemption Requests

Some U.S. colleges/universities and employers are requiring COVID-19 vaccination for enrollment/employment. While medical exemptions must be supported by a letter from a medical professional, religious exemptions do not require the support or endorsement of an official clergy or recognized religious leader. Open Guide

Religious Affidavit

Get information on how to claim a religious exemption from a vaccine, test, or mask mandate from Peggy Hall at The Healthy American. Visit Site

School Mandates

Request for Information

As a student/staff/faculty at an institution, use this form to request detailed information from your institution regarding their COVID-19 vaccine policies. Open Form

Objection to School COVID-19 Policies

Use these templates as guides for your correspondence with your college or university.  Long Version    Short Version

Sample Letter to Princeton University

This letter was written to Princeton University, but serves as a good example of how to educate your college or university about Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) and the legal limitations surrounding them, including the prohibition against mandating drugs or vaccines distributed under an EUA. Open Letter

Supporting Information and Resources

Tell schools/universities no vaccine mandates for children/young adults! Feel free to use our materials and literature on COVID-19 and children. More Resources

Employer Mandates

Strategy for Employees

Step-by-step approach to ensure the legal requirements for Informed Consent are honored. Open Document

Objection to Employer COVID-19 Policies

Use this letter to object to the coercive policies at your job, including requirements for vaccination, testing, and masking. This letter also formally serves notice to your employer that side effects from these interventions are real and they could be liable for damages. Open Letter

Request for Information/Informed Consent

As an employee, use this form to request detailed information from your employer regarding their COVID-19 vaccine policies. Open Form

Right to Refuse

Learn more about your right to refuse the experimental COVID-19 vaccines in this set of documents from PERK. Visit Site

Medical Freedom Advocacy

School Superintendent Meeting

Prepare to discuss vaccination clinics, health passes, and the EUA status of the vaccine with your Superintendent. Start with this outline template. Open Template

Your Local Government & Vaccine Passports

Prepare for local meetings regarding vaccine verification systems with this meeting outline template. Open Template

Other Resources

Mandates Tool Kit A wealth of information and resources from Children’s Health Defense – National to assist you in opposing vaccine mandates.

Miscellaneous Legal Resources from the Children’s Health Defense – National.

Liberty Counsel Christian ministry providing religious exemption information and legal support against vaccine mandates. Click on the Legal Help tab.

The Healthy American Educational service providing education, outreach, and consulting in support of truth and freedom against medical tyranny.

American Frontline Doctors Non-for-profit organization defending quality healthcare and providing legal resources against mandates.

Local attorneys representing Illinois vaccine mandate plaintiffs.

Mask exemption request. Open Letter