Watch This Video! Learn the Fate of 4G-5G in Illinois if HB2379 is Passed

If you really want to know what is going on in Illinois with 4G-5G watch this video and like it.

We hired one of the top telecommunication attorneys in the country who worked with two members of our leadership team to go through SB1451. SB1451 was the bill passed in 2018 that is now forcing hundreds of these cell towers on all of our towns. HB2379 is the bill we are trying to stop that if passed will extend SB1451 for another 2 years.

In this video you will see the proof of what is happening and get a clear understanding of some of the key things our officials signed off on when they passed SB1451. ALL Senators have been sent this video and all Representatives will have it by noon today.  They will never be able to say they did not know.

Thank you to the leaders on our teams that spent weeks and I do mean weeks working on this!

Important: Take 60 Seconds to Send One Email about 5G

Please take 60 seconds to copy and send one email to help set us up for success!
HB2379 should move any day now! We are expecting to have a meeting with Senator Emil Jones, III early this week to discuss HB2379. Senator Jones is the sponsor of HB2379, so it is URGENT that everyone take 60 seconds to send an email to him!

Click the following link to send the email to Senator Jones TODAY through his website: the email subject, select “Public Utilities” from the drop-down menu.Copy and paste the sample email below, add your name in the closing and submit!


Dear Senator Jones,

I am a member of the united network of Safe Technology and Stop 5G organizations in Illinois consisting of 10 groups with over 13,000 collective members. I’m contacting you today to express my strong opposition to HB2379. I do not want a cell tower up to 65-feet tall in front of my home or on the easement of my property as HB2379/SB1451 allows.

If HB2379 passes, you will be allowing the deployment of hundreds of these wireless facilities, including cell towers, in every town in your district and across the state, as well as additional 4G equipment needed to support the 5G infrastructure.

Please click the following link to view a short presentation that shares key findings related to SB1451/HB2379: This information was obtained in partnership with one of the top telecommunications attorneys in the country, along with two members of our leadership team.

Having no state streamlining law will give you the power to work with your municipalities to decide what is right for each community, which is not a one size fits all solution. If HB2379 is approved, telecom will continue to have control over the deployment of 4G/5G wireless facilities in your district and all communities in the state of Illinois. Local control must be restored.


Your name